Thursday, October 1, 2009

Towson Baltimore Maryland September 30 2009 2:15 P.M. till 2:45 P.M. (click here)

The lobby of Fine Arts Center at Towson University is especially resonant - not as resonant as, say, the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore City (see August 29 2009) - but sound bounces well.

I used the AT8020 and stood at the highest point in the lobby - the third floor landing overlooking the central lobby.

When I walked through the building, later, I stopped in the hallways near the recital rooms and was met with a chorus of women during a rehearsal. The chorus stopped and started numerous times, with critiques by the professor. Across the hall a trumpet player intermittently hit notes, while down the hall played a percussionist. The three sounds were in chorus, so to speak, in some instances - but the recording is mostly the chorus of women in practice.

Toward the end of recording a women came into the hallway and began testing the doors and locks of a room close by. When I heard this, I though immediately that this interruption was a logical segue into the resonant voices from the lobby. The decision to edit the two sources together creates my second collage (see August 14 2009 [intereference from AM station 730 mixed with voices in my basement]).

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