Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Woodberry Baltimore Maryland October 6 2009 8:54 P.M. till 9:05 P.M. (click here)

Yesterday afternoon I received a surprise (yet anticipated) phone call from my friend Kevin Hall, a friend of ours who left for Seattle in early September. Well, he made it all the way to Phoenix and stayed with our friends Ben and Gabe Havilland for two weeks after spending some time in Austin and parts of Oklahoma.

They hate when I do this - especially Karen - but I rigged the stereo mic in the living room and recorded a short conversation between me, Kevin, John Clark and Chrissy (Kevin's flame) and Karen. The bulk of the conversation is dominated by John's gripe about the stand-up comedy business in Baltimore, and the scams some venues (like The Comedy Factory) perpetrate upon their audiences and performers.

"Just like the old days," I said to Kevin, and he remarked, "Yeah - a month ago..." Gotta love him...

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