Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fells Point Baltimore Maryland October 3 2009 6:19 P.M. till 6:28 P.M. (click here)

When Karen and I reached the top of the parking garage overlooking Bond and Lancaster, I immediately set up my gear nearest the side of the Fells Point Fun Festival music stage, a space that also overlooked the level below, which was open but reflected the noises coming from down the enclosure.

Using the shotgun mic, I walked at the edge of the lot, striking the long metal cables with my foot, and pointing the mic a few centimeters away from the vibrations. Every so often I would rub the windscreen against the vibrations.

Not only can you hear the vibrations, but my kick can be anticipated because I kept the mic very close to my body. If you listen closely, you can hear me "wind up" just before I strike the cables.

This recording is raw "footage" - the wind was blustery and, mixed with the noise from the garage and the festival, produced a nice boiling of low and mid frequencies beside the noise of my clothing.

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