Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Woodberry Baltimore Maryland October 26 2009 6:46 A.M. till 6:58 A.M. (click here)

It is uncommon that Karen and I awaken together and leave the bed together, but last night we crashed early after a late, tasty homemade Indian dinner-and this is after a game of racquetball (me) and a hard workout (Karen).

The traffic is particularly loud around sun up, and this morning the wet pavement amplified the noise of tires going across the 41st Street bridge and 83. I was tempted to capture only the traffic noise and leave the lows at their present level-to give it more of an ambient presence. But I misplaced the mics in the windows and caught the house noise too-in one channel, traffic; in the other, our waking ritual.

(I chose to capture the traffic in its unedited entirety because the crickets have become more quiet. If you listen for a long time the noise, without wildlife interference, is quite entrancing.)


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