Friday, October 9, 2009

Towson Baltimore Maryland October 8 2009 8:40 P.M. till 8:46 P.M. (click here)

After work, I walk about 10 minutes up Aigburth Road in Towson near Donnybrook Apartments. On this evening, as I dropped off my bag into the car, I ventured behind one of the complexes to see/hear what might be going on around the stream. A few days before I took some time to record underneath Aigburth in a tunnel that this creek passes through.

There was nothing special about, but the water was at a higher level (it had been raining today and yesterday) and the creek babbled louder than its usual tinkle.

Next to the complex, I heard a loud whirring noise: central air fans. I decided, since I hadn't done any recording today, to use the shotgun mic and capture its hum. After a few minutes of walking around the contraption, capturing the hum coming off the building, the other vents, above and below the vent, etc., I hoped that it would turn off.

And it did! But the sound of the fan whirring down was, to say the least, anticlimactic. The funny thing is, water started dripping from one of the exhaust pipes located below a tenant's window.

This recording is the song of the air vents, with a conclusion of water song.

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