Friday, October 16, 2009

Donnybrook Baltimore Maryland October 15 2009 9:49 A.M. till 10:02 A.M. (click here)

Late to work this morning, as usual, but the dense rain (and no umbrella) kept me in the car for about 15 minutes.

I parked beneath a tree, which I thought might hamper the rainsong, but, as you'll notice toward the last 1/3 of the recording, big, heavy drops falling from the leaves (and hitting the trunk and roof of the car) took on a marimba-like quality. This is due in part to raising the levels around 40 Hz and midway around 650 Hz without creating a flange.

I left the mic on the dashboard, about three inches from the windshield. You can hear the raspy crackle of the drizzle (in the high Hzs) but I did not push the levels above 10,000 Hz. I wanted to keep this recording very warm, to protect and preserve the low ambience of the big rain drops hitting the metal parts of the car and the intermittent cars driving by.
A note on the duration: The length of this piece is about 13 minutes, enough to capture the swells and lulls of the rain. It is a testament to the inherent qualities of music (and composition) in nature. As Duchamp suggests of art in practice, I am merely making available (and conscious for you) a piece of music that you would otherwise associate with passive noise.

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