Thursday, October 22, 2009

Woodberry Baltimore Maryland October 20 2009 8:15 P.M. till 8:23 P.M. (click here)

"The visual arts' conquest of acoustic space can be described as a rejection of the Cartesian worldview, which had long found its obvious expression in the art of perspective. The paradigm of the observer autonomously availing himself of the world from a fixed standpoint dissolved in favor of the multi-perspectival view. Man no longer stands facing the world, but is embedded in its environments. The autonomously distanced and distancing eye was supplemented by the ear, which stands for a more complex form of perception. The person who hears has a different relationship to his environs. He is surrounded by sounds and himself becomes a resonating body. This model of perception, which puts in the foreground the characterstics of the self as a resonant body, corresponds to the anthropological discovery that, in the womb and shortly after birth, we experience the world as an acoustic space, which the structured visual field joins only gradually."

Bernd Sculz, "Compositions in Space: Form and Function in the Sound Art of Robin Minard"

During a house party I snuck into the basement to mic the floorboards beneath the kitchen and the livingroom. In old houses, especially, sound is merely an extension of architecture.

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