Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Loch Raven Reservoir Baltimore Maryland October 12 2009 3:27 P.M. till 3:37 P.M. (click here)

Loch Raven reservoir is an anamoly, in my eyes. After driving north for about 20 minutes one reaches the park and notices a vast array of trees spread over pristine waters. It reminds me of Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland, and is quite out of place. But, just as Maryland sports a multitude of landscapes (from beach to country to mountain to city), Baltimore is the "summary" of Maryland's contrasting panorama.
The wildlife is abundant: birds of every kind, including ducks, geese, hawks, sparrows, cranes and seagulls, plus numerous species of cricket (which usually dominate a recording).
I spent two days here, on Sunday with Karen, and on Monday, alone. On the first day I sat in a beautiful cove where geese flocked around me, waiting for a treat. The car noise is apparent but not too overwhelming. On the second day I sat very close to the bridge, and there's a slight screech as the cars move from the soft pavement of the road to the striated hard surface of the road.

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