Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hampden Baltimore Maryland November 10 2009 1:12 A.M. till 1:16 A.M.

This video was captured at Frasers on the Avenue in Baltimore. On this night John Clark and Kevin Hall, two friends who are up and coming comedians in the small but burgeoning independent comedy scene, decided to take a stab at the karaoke machine. Kevin never made it because 2 A.M. rolled in too quickly.

This is why I want John to front my band...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Woodberry Baltimore Maryland November 2 2009 (click here)

This funny little song is a cut up from a wide range of records, including a poetry reading by Rod Smith, Salsa music by Robin Jones, and the sample that made drum and bass possible-cut and refigured by editing it by the 1000th of a second.

Woodberry Baltimore Maryland November 1 2009 (click here)

The sounds here were created by using a guitar, echo box and double delay pedals.

Woodberry Baltimore Maryland October 31 2009 (click here)

This ditty comes from a bunch of hip hop records I got from Dutch East India Trading in the late 90s. My concept of 4/4 is the heartbeat during the running of the bulls...

Woodberry Baltimore Maryland October 30 2009 (click here)

Over the course of the next few days I'm writing little songs-sketches is a better concept.

In light of citation, each song is made up of ripped samples from the few thousand CDs I have lying around the basement. Each bit of information is recontextualized and remixed to create a grossly unwholesome interpretation. Beats n' pieces, so to speak.

But this first one is a remix and degradation of an interview I did with my friend Marisa Hilton. You can hear the full story at