Monday, September 21, 2009

Woodberry Baltimore Maryland September 19 2009 3:12 P.M. 3:18 P.M. (click here)

Below the 41st Street bridge, at Clipper Mill Road, exists an "open room" environment. The bridge is surrounded by a mooring on one side, columns opposite the mooring, and to the left and the right two private yards.

This space, this whole area of Woodberry, at any time, is dominated by a strong high pitched wash of hiss coming from I-83 and the larger avenues (41st Street, Falls Road, Druid Hill Lake Drive). It is virtually impossible to avoid this sound. But it is a natural part of the environment, and I am slowly learning how to stabilize the relationship between this hiss and the higher frequency tones.

For this recording, I stood beneath the 41st Street bridge with an NTG-2 shotgun mic pointed directly beneath 41st Street. I callibrated the recorder (PCM-D50) and the mic (roll off) to minimize frequencies beneath 175 Hz. It was necessary, though, the edit lower frequencies just enough to give the big trucks a booming presence. I edited the higher frequencies minimally, slightly boosting the noise between 12k and 15k Hz, thus giving the crickets and the traffic hiss dueling harmonies.


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Finally! Some media other than audio files. I'm glad

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