Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Albany Albany New York September 26 2009 10:07 P.M. till 10:14 P.M. (click here)

After reading with my friend Natalie Knight at the Center for Social Justice in Albany (, a bunch of us walked over to the Palais, a cute (but loud) haunt tucked away on a quiet street.

Without fiddling around with mics (because the tables were set with food and glasses and there was nowhere else to put my equipment) I set up the PCM-D50 in its naked form at the edge of the table.

The sound is quite crisp and clear, and I reworked it very little. You can hear me and a guy I met (sorry, your name escapes me...) talking about making soup and winter stews.

In my exhaustion (4 days on the road between Baltimore, NYC and Albany), I opted out of scouting the neighborhood at midnight to capture its environment. The only thing that interested me was the pristine quiet on the back porch, the slight wind, and the jingle of windchimes. But the evening was too fast for me to have sat down to ponder sound environments...

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