Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Freeland Baltimore Maryland September 22 2009 9:12 P.M. till 9:21 P.M. (click here)

I used the shotgun mic for this recording, but wish I had my X/Y stereo mic because I positioned myself on a footbridge straddling a small but vocal stream on a freind's farm: on one side, a huge expanse of forest and blackberry brambles; on the other, a gently sloping hill with tall grasses and a handful of trees. The insects on both sides were contrasting: sharp, long buzzing from the forest, and intermittent squeaks from the hills.

The shotgun was a poor choice: the sounds on both sides coalesced into an indeterminate wash of crickets and other insects. The shotgun is a mono mic and should only be used for close-up recordings.

Overall, though, the recording is not bad. Not great, but not bad either. But it is a lesson learned. In the future, I'll either use the shotgun between the reeds banking the stream, pointing directly into the water, or I'll set up the X/Y at the center of the foot bridge just above the water.

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Julie said...

love this shot of the farm at night!!!

its Freeland, Maryland to be precise wink