Sunday, August 16, 2009

Woodberry Baltimore Maryland August 16 2009 2:57 P.M till 3:10 P.M. (click here)


Stephanie Potter said...


I don't think this recording is poor at all, but then again I am not listening to it on headphones.

My experience with this particular post was no better or worse than any of the other open air/outdoor recordings. There is a sense of place and textural space. From what I understand, you are attempting to generate memories, or what is the illusion of memories. I think the white noise of the AC unit and the reverberation off the porch awning is just part of that. Part of the space and presence.

I can understand your worry about the white noise being distracting or becoming interpreted as "interference". I don't see it as that at all. It doesn't peek or become abrasive in any way.

Quite on the contrary, the white noise becomes part of MY space and morphs into two indistinguishable planes of time and event. I am in two SPACES at once. By the end of the track the sound of the AC unit and the awning echo disappears without my knowing it. The phenomenon of the white noise melting away is very interesting, it happens naturally. AS IF I AM THERE. I think this is important.

The "room" noise is giving a texture that somehow becomes additional to the listener's current space on a subconscious level.

More simply... IT IS TANGIBLE!

Thank you and goodnight.


Christophe Casamassima said...

y'r right. listening to it on speakers gives it a new texture. perhaps because it is "mine," meaning i composed it "as a memory" rather than something distinct from myself, e.g., distanced from my subjectivity, i become overbearingly judgemental.

i think your post has brought me down to basics, what i originally intended for this project - let it be spacecapture, not composition. let it be composed in the listener's head.

thanks, steph.